How to Use SportVue

SportVue has a customizable warning angle, an LED mode, and a buzzer mode. SportVue's battery will last 9 hours. To turn on SportVue, move the side switch to the left with the logo facing you and wait 2 seconds for SportVue to initialize. When not in use, turn off SportVue using the side switch.

To customize SportVue's warning angle, follow these steps.

  1. Clip SportVue to your helmet.
  2. Look forward and tilt your head down to where you want the new angle to be.
  3. While holding your head in that position, shortly press/tap the center button to set the new angle. You will see a green light confirming that the new angle has been set.
Hold the center button for 3 seconds to toggle in and out of buzzer mode. Buzzer mode is used for off-ice practice but can also be used for on-ice practice if you would prefer an audio reminder to look up.

SportVue Instructions Diagram

Where do I attach SportVue on my helmet?

We recommend that you attach SportVue to the right side of your helmet, but it will function properly on the left side (the logo will be upside down if attached on the left side). You can decide how low or high you want to position the SportVue on your facemask. The majority of players prefer to attach SportVue to the top right corner of their helmet.

SportVue Helmet Atttachment