Why do I need SportVue if I can look up without it?

Have you ever heard your coach yell at you or your teammates to look up? That’s because players look down at the puck subconsciously to ensure that they have control of it, but they don’t look up subconsciously because it’s more comfortable to look down.

SportVue’s soft LED constantly reminds you to look up. When players first use SportVue, they are surprised to find out how often they are looking down at the puck. As you train with SportVue consistently, you will primarily develop two skills: 1) you’ll build a habit of looking up after looking down and 2) you’ll be comfortable with controlling the puck in your peripheral vision. These two skills are instrumental in becoming a “heads up” hockey player.

Can I use SportVue for off-ice practice?

Yes, SportVue can be used during off-ice practice with the Off-Ice Attachment. The Off-Ice Attachment allows you to clip your SportVue onto any hat or visor to train heads-up off the ice. Simply slide the attachment onto your hat, switch your SportVue into “buzzer mode,” and you’re good to go! SportVue will then beep whenever you look down past the customizable calibration angle.

Will SportVue be compatible with my helmet?

SportVue is compatible with helmets of all models and sizes. SportVue is compatible with wire/cage facemasks, visors, full shield, and hybrid shield facemasks. We have two different models of SportVue for cage facemasks and visor shields. Please specify your facemask type on the product page.

Where should I attach my SportVue?

We recommend that you attach SportVue to the right side of your helmet, but it will function properly on the left or right side. You can decide how low or high you want to position the SportVue on your facemask. The majority of players prefer to attach SportVue to the top right corner of their helmet. Please see the product page for an example image.

Will SportVue block my vision?

This is the most common concern that we receive. If attached to the right-most part of the facemask, SportVue can barely be seen. It is slightly visible in your peripheral vision. We have done demos with 100+ players and less than 10% say that SportVue blocks their vision.

How bright is SportVue's light?

SportVue’s light sits in your peripheral vision. It is just bright enough to be noticeable. If you would prefer to hear a buzzer instead of see a light, you can switch SportVue into buzzer mode.

What age/level is it best to use SportVue?

It all depends on the skills that a player possesses. Once a player can skate comfortably, stickhandle, and move the puck while skating, he/she can benefit from using SportVue. Ideally, the player should be able to look down and control the puck while skating to get the maximum benefit from SportVue. We find that this ideal age is 9-18.

How long will SportVue’s battery last?

SportVue has a battery life of 9 hours and it is rechargable with a MicroUSB B cable that is included with your purchase.

What charging cable does SportVue use?

SportVue can be charged with any standard MicroUSB B charger. We include one with your purchase.

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes. We are currently shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

What is your return policy?

We want you to love your SportVue.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please email within 30 days of original purchase for instructions on how to return SportVue for a full refund or exchange. Returns must be in original condition and any expedited shipping fees are non-refundable. Return shipping fees are also the responsibility of the purchaser.

If your SportVue is broken or defective, please email us at so we can make it right.

How long until I receive my order?

Shipping Time Frames (U.S.)
USPS Priority Mail: 2-4 business days

Shipping Time Frames (Canada)
DHL International: 1-4 business days
UPS Standard: 2-8 business days

Please see Shipping Info for more information.

Is SportVue available in retail stores or local pro shops?

Yes. Use our Store Locator to find a store near you.