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Sleep is how we recharge our batteries. From improving brain function to helping prevent a whole host of health issues, sleep is so important that when we think of wellness it really should be: diet, exercise, and sleep.

Our mission is to turn your bedroom into a haven for sleep.

It Started at a Wedding

“It’s like using a screwdriver for a hammer,” Eli said to Matt at a small-town Illinois wedding in 2012. They each had observed family members using fans to help their nieces and nephews sleep at night.

But they weren't using them for the air, they were using them for the sound.

Matt and Eli couldn't over the product-use mismatch, especially during the cold Chicago winters. Dissatisfied with the sound machines available, Matt and Eli, with a background in mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics, set out to build something better.

Fan Pointed at Wall

Perfecting the Sound

It took a ridiculous amount of CFD computer simulation and a baptism in 3D printing, but Matt and Eli eventually developed a proprietary impeller and acoustic chamber that combined to create SNOOZ’s signature fan drone.

When their friends refused to return test units, they knew they were on to something.

SNOOZ White Noise Machine Prototypes

Launched on Kickstarter

A successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 introduced SNOOZ to the world. Production began in late 2016 and backers started receiving rewards shortly thereafter.

The original SNOOZ White Noise Machine was launched to the wider market in early 2017.

Matt and Eli have been spreading the good SNOOZ ever since.

SNOOZ White Noise Machine Kickstarter Video Mike Lebovitz

Meet the Founders

SNOOZ began for us as a hobby and morphed into something we’ve been thrilled to share with others.

We didn’t know it back at that wedding, but we would become brothers-in-law while working on SNOOZ (our wives are sisters). Speaking of which, our nieces and nephews, who back then were sleeping with fans pointed at the wall, now, of course, sleep with SNOOZ.

You could call them fans.

-Matt & Eli

SNOOZ Founders Eli Lazar and Matthew Snyder
SNOOZ White Noise Sleep Machine for Sleeping