How to Use SportVue

Important: SportVue will only last 16 hours from when you charge it, so you will have to charge it for at least an hour before practice starts. It’s like an iPhone that needs to be charged every day or at night. The rectangular button will turn the lights on and off.

Please see this 2-minute video to learn about SportVue’s customizable calibration angle and time delay modes.

Here are the same instructions in writing: SportVue’s angle can be customized to be deeper or shallower. To customize the angle, follow the following steps.

  1. Clip SportVue to your helmet.
  2. Look forward and tilt your head down to where you want the new angle to be.
  3. While holding your head in that position, short press the center button on the outside of SportVue to set the new angle. You will see a green light confirming to confirm that the new angle has been set.

SportVue has 2 time delay modes: 0s and 0.5s. To switch between these modes, hold the center button for 3 seconds. The 0s is most commonly used by players. The 0.5s time delay is good for building a habit of looking up without being reminded by the light and practicing catching passes and looking up right away.

SportVue Instructions Diagram

Where do I attach SportVue on my helmet?

We recommend that you attach SportVue to the right side of your helmet, but it will function properly on the left or right side. You can decide how low or high you want to position the SportVue on your facemask. The majority of players prefer to attach SportVue to the top right corner of their helmet. Please see the product page for an example image.