HockeyVue Hockey Training Aid


HockeyVue trains you to control the puck with your peripheral vision so that you can see opportunities to pass, shoot, or skate.


Meet HockeyVue

Playing with your head up is an essential skill. HockeyVue develops this skill by emitting a soft light in your peripheral vision when you look down at the puck.

HockeyVue Heads Up Training Aid
  • Customize the Angle

    Adjust the calibration angle to be shallow or deeper for varied difficulty during practice.

  • On and Off-Ice Compatible

    HockeyVue is compatible with all helmet brands and sizes so that you can use it on and off the ice.

  • Soft Light

    When you look down, you'll see the soft light in the corner of your eye. Just enough to look up and focus on what matters.

  • Built to Last

    HockeyVue clips tightly onto the facemask and won’t fall off. It can last 15 hours without needing to be recharged.

Why HockeyVue?

If you want to make faster decisions with the puck, HockeyVue is for you.
Develop a Habit
Players look down subconsciously but they don’t look up subconsciously. Build a habit of comfortably looking up immediately after looking down.
Be Aware
Know where your teammates are and don’t miss a split-second opportunity to shoot or pass the puck.
Build Your Senses
Develop a feel for the puck so that you can control it with your peripheral vision.
Play Safely
Know where your opponents are so you can avoid or brace yourself for oncoming hits.
Practice Comfortably
Weighing only 0.06 lbs (27.7 grams), HockeyVue is lightweight. You won't feel it when you practice.

HockeyVue is for Everyone

  • Players

    Accelerate your heads-up skill development to make better passes and score more goals.
    Look good, feel good, play good with your own sleek HockeyVue.
    Join an elite community of hockey players training smarter with HockeyVue.

  • Parents

    Prevent injuries commonly caused by head down play, like concussions, especially once your child starts checking.
    Accelerate your child’s development of this fundamental “heads up” skill.
    Empower your child with a long-lasting, personal heads-up coach for the price of just 1 private lesson/skills coaching session.

  • Organizations

    Build good habits for the entire team.
    Prevent injuries commonly caused by head down play, like concussions.
    Use modern technology to enhance your team’s training and performance.
    Enhance your team's flow and rhythm during games with heads-up play.

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Prepare for body checking at Bantam. Make faster, smarter decisions with the puck. Snipe the corner when you shoot. Improve your game with HockeyVue.

Join the SportVue community

Join a new generation of players training smarter with HockeyVue.